Support from the Beginning

Since Mr. Chaouni founded ABCE in 1995, the school has evolved into a first-class learning institution that now employs numerous instructors who are actively engaged in the field of French and English language training. 

ABCE continues to thrive and grow through you when you are a part of this vibrant learning community. Consider joining us. We offer thorough academic support from the outset of your language journey. Remember that your specific objectives for language acquisition or reasons to attain proficiency are our definite priority because your achievements spell ABCE.

Why is ABCE the place for you to attain Level A, B, C or E?

At ABCE we transform the way learning is done by offering personalized programs for individuals and groups, in French and English.

This provides government employees with effective strategies to enhance their current levels on the full range of SLE Tests.

For government employees, we understand the challenges of learning French or English. Being a part of your educational process, we empathize with your difficulties and alleviate your concerns about language learning through best-practices in education. 

If you are an international or local student who registers at ABCE for insightful lessons at school or delivered online, you will increase proficiency, augment your critical thinking and be culturally aware.

Why is ABCE the ideal home for language learning?

At ABCE, we support your learning process from your first word, online or in-person.

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What will I find at ABCE?

Our team of innovative instructors provide you with essential methods and tools that could advance your current skillsets to bring your target level within reach.

Learn more about the legacy of ABCE and how we focus our in-depth knowledge, amassed over decades spent in language education, to benefit your personal language practice.

Our specialists in adult learning understand the mechanics of government language tests in French and English, through small group or individual lessons. For global or local learners, you will find teachers that care about your language learning, teachers who will always be present to make sure you progress. The creative learning environment at ABCE inspires learners, here and at home, to surpass their limitations.