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ABCE is a leader in French and English language training. Our dedicated team of instructors remain at the ready so that you can achieve your learning goals, online or in-person.

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We instill learner confidence and perfect all integral skillsets that include: Reading, Writing, Speaking and Critical Thinking.

Effective language development and the opportunity to elevate your levels are the result.


Specifically designed for each individual or group, our diverse programs educate government employees about how to enhance their level on the government issued SLE in French or English.

Specialized online and in-person programs are also available for local and global learners who hope to build their competence in French or English.

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We provide language training services to suit adult learners in government, industry or school. For learners at college, in university, for those new to Ottawa or for travelers on their global journey, ABCE is your destination.

Before enrollment, a counseling session is scheduled to review and determine your language goals with a detailed assessment, when necessary.

We specialize in preparing federal public servants for PSC linguistic exams for Reading, Writing and Speaking. We have a consistent success rate, thanks to our unique training methodology that is personalized for your specific learning style.

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For learners that are employed at NGO’s or NPO’s, in private enterprise, in other industries, at embassies, in museums or in retail, uniquely tailored programs are geared to optimize your proficiency in French or English.

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If you are a student at school, in college or university, studying abroad or just travelling, we have year-round full-time and part-time immersion programs at the Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced levels.

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Numbers and Letters Why enroll at ABCE?

Founded in 1995, ABCE is Canadian-owned and operated while accredited by the Federal Government
Building French and English language proficiency for more than 25 years

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What brought you here?

A grey-bearded man posed on a bench outside the Ottawa Public Library on Laurier, the street behind ABCE. He
recited lines from the book he was reading. His sentences halted pedestrians in the morning traffic.

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ABCE operates during pandemic times

There is a word in Japanese, nagaame that translates as long spell of rain. I discovered this word in a book by
Pico Iyer, Autumn Light.

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