Redefining the language journey, online and in-person through our in-house teaching philosophy

Our progressive outlook on training at ABCE stems from an enduring teaching philosophy that redefines the language journey. 

In fact, the educational process never ceases. We review the quality of our training programs on a continuous basis to increase effectiveness and to maintain their appeal to learners. Our training programs are meaningful because we always perfect this process, which has been undergoing refinement over the more than two decades that ABCE has operated. Training at ABCE is symphonic. Learners are in harmony with their lessons to benefit from their invested hours. Learning materials, instructors and learners all synchronize. At ABCE, we orchestrate the training initiative.  

As mentioned, a learner-centered focus that has evolved over the years includes a comprehensive collection of tools for learners across professional fields or from across the globe. These tools enable our learning community to construct proficiency in their chosen context or capacity.   

Instructors and language advisors at ABCE are responsible for engineering these programs. Management directives align with initiatives in training and this is why contributing to the archive of material at ABCE is so rewarding and innovative. We have freedom to create or innovate. We redefine the language journey for our learners through our teaching philosophy that we systematically apply at ABCE. 

We seek to discover source material for our teaching philosophy while instructors over the span of their careers have been and remain progressive in seeking their own. Having a foundational teaching philosophy enables for an impressive teaching practice. In recruitment, new instructors submit their teaching philosophies as part of their application and this is followed-up in the interview.  At ABCE, each instructor is part of a teaching community and we must establish that all instructors therefore connect through their ideas about teaching. This does not mean every instructor follows a single system of thought. Diverse and eclectic teaching styles at ABCE are most encouraged. Instructors are very capable in applying their knowledge to their craft.  

Yet a shared philosophy does unify instructors so that their teaching results in ABCE’s stellar reputation. 

The teaching philosophy at ABCE aligns with my own approaches to and perspectives on education. To teach and manage within the innovations that take place at ABCE everyday paves my career path.  Therefore, understanding this teaching philosophy in depth means that you will agree with why ABCE is the school where your language journey must begin or continue. 

Education echoes the practice of freedom when instructors demonstrate steadfast acceptance of learners, unbounded patience and have the will, the gift to transmit knowledge. Instructors must be able to shift understandings and bring their learners into awareness.  

Education is freedom because education should liberate the learner from constraints or biases and thus, education is upholding social responsibility with a focus on community building. Teaching requires loyalty to and endless investment in learner development so learners may advance their capabilities to achieve.  

Continuous learning within teaching is crucial because instructors are constantly adapting to new teaching environments or advancements in the field while learners are onboard for the long haul, meaning that they tend to build on or broaden their current understanding. 

Teaching at ABCE is about being aware of the contexts in which one teaches. Each educator is aware of these, whether they are: historical, social, personal, political and professional. Further, each educator works to bridge various cultures, languages or ways of knowing within the classroom or virtually.   

Educators at ABCE advocate and respect learner diversity; we are staunch supporters of these learners who are here to connect with their multiple voices and points of view. 

The assortment of digital technologies and media at our disposal enable educators to offer learners a vast array of learning tools to facilitate language journeys and help learner’s achieve target objectives. 

One noteworthy yet educational aspect within the dynamic heritage of Indigenous cultures celebrated in Ottawa requires elaboration.  At ABCE, we remember the primacy of the learner in that each learner has the opportunity to share their voice. This can be referred to as indigenized learning.  The learner’s own story and ample studenttalk time take precedence when we conduct classes with individual or multiple learners. Learners have the space they need to engage in dialogue and converse, to ask questions or tell a story – their need to communicate is cultivated and treasured. Thus, indigenized learning forms the framework to which learner-centered education adheres. 

For classes to be valuable to learners, personal engagement with material must ensue and one goal at ABCE is making learning content relevant for the learner. The relevancy of material occurs by gathering and integrating several sources of information into a cohesive study focus while connecting concepts or strategies to practical situations.  No doubt that this insightful content whether articles, handouts or tests with integral concepts are designed for each learner according to their unique learning goals and level. Learners then draw from this ideal collection of definitively curated resources to aspire to their ambitions – enhancing their respective skillsets in the supportive milieu at ABCE.  

There is always two-way feedback, in that learners discover the method, the how to achieve best scores or best results when instructors advise about errors, make corrections, elaborate on grammar, add depth to discussions or suggest proven strategies that can augment particular goals for test-taking or writing. In addition, instructors are receptive to learner-feedback so that they can also readjust their own teaching practice to be more impactful as educators. 

The teaching philosophy at work here reflects our identity as educators unified under a brand of humanized education at ABCE. 

This redefines the language journey and the learning done along the way.