Numbers and Letters Why enroll at ABCE?

  1. Founded in 1995, ABCE is Canadian-owned and operated while accredited by the Federal Government
  2. Building French and English language proficiency for more than 25 years
  3. Language Evaluation Testing and Assessments with thorough counseling for prospective learners
  4. Serves the educational needs of government employees and diverse or international learners
  5. State-of-the-art French and English SLE Training programs empower Government Employees
  6. Attaining a Level A, B, C or E inspires the process at ABCE across all test types
  7. Enhancing your Writing, Reading, Listening, Speaking or Critical Thinking are integral to our practice
  8. A low student-teacher ratio personalizes learning through full- and part-time programs across levels
  9. Small-group and individual classes accelerate and amplify the learning process, online or in-person
  10. A dedicated team of innovative instructors support your language development in a significant way
  11. We design our learner-centered programs based on progressive, ahead-of-the times materials
  12. A Pathway Agreement with Algonquin College stands, plus IELTS Preparation and EAP are on offer
  13. Translation Services (for documents) enable cross-cultural communication in multiple languages
  14. Within steps of Parliament and to eclectic neighborhoods that compose Ottawa’s global character
  15. We reflect Ottawa’s multiculturalism and occupy four floors in a prestigious, downtown office building

    These letters write your future:

    mplify your voice in English or French through a training process that helps enhance proficiency.
    Build skillsets so tests are not obstacles but inspiration for your language achievement across levels.
    Create a learning journal and take notes to keep track of your progress.
    Embark on an epic language journey by integrating new vocabulary and practicing essential structures.

    Culture and language are yours to unpack so tell your story at ABCE.