Core Values at ABCE

Due to COVID-19 a major transition at ABCE is the movement from in-person to online training. When restrictions are lifted, in-person, on-site and off-site training would continue. 

Intrinsic core values at ABCE still energize all training sessions across multiple modes of delivery and these read as follows:

Advocating Diversity 

At ABCE, learners originate from nations situated all over the globe and from the Ottawa-Gatineau region or other Canadian provinces. We are language-instruction professionals who adhere to maintaining a learning environment where multiculturalism flourishes, reflected in the city of Ottawa. Teaching French and English means being aware of the incredible and rich cultures that influence both these languages. We impart these nuances to our learners in addition to sound grammatical and structural elements. Thus, our learners develop proficiency through cultural awareness.

Belief in dignity for all learners

All learners are treated with respect since they visit ABCE to discover language. We are concerned for all learners, irrespective of their language level and across short-term or long-term programs. We view all our learners as capable and able to adapt to their training. We place major emphasis on encouraging learners to surpass boundaries. We encourage learners to see beyond their limits so that learning goals can be achieved.

Conscientiousness is the bedrock of our practice.

The achievements that learners strive for are what drives our instructors. Instructors do not take shortcuts or do only what is required. They surpass. They remain ever-present to support the learner on their language journey. They respond to questions and embolden learners to ask questions about material that is not understood. They provide feedback and identify errors to result in greater language confidence and stronger proficiency. From observation, learners are conscientious too since many are inherently motivated to succeed and this is noticeable from completed homework or performance during lessons, online and in-person. 

Establishment of a grassroots culture in education that inspires learners to evolve 

We are specialized in that we tailor all language learning to the diverse participants involved, in individual or group training. Each learner’s objectives are carefully recorded and implemented into their language itinerary.
From the outset, when clients approach us for training through a phone-call, email request or walk-in (when under normal business operations), we align their educational objectives with our design of specific programs.

After learners embark on their training, we offer progress reports to gauge progress and focus on areas still to be developed. Once training is done, we attempt to dialogue with our learners and if they have questions or would like to refresh their skillsets, we are available to provide the necessary, academic scaffolding.

Instructors are aware of what is required to succeed; they are invested in the educational process and remain in constant dialogue with learners. They try to understand the learner inherently and address obstacles in learning with patience. Instructors relate to their respective students and beyond teaching, they enable learners to attain the necessary skillsets for improved language acquisition.

We hold that the language journey is an individual journey.

Yet each learner belongs to the vibrant ABCE community and their collective contributions in learning over decades fuel the evolutionary, grassroots culture here to bring about one’s own personal evolution.

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