About you, the learner

Learner engagement and learner-centered education at ABCE defines our methodology. In online learning,
multiple platforms and varied digital technologies are used to connect students with instructors across town or
across the world. Learners can interact with our instructors through video and follow-up telephone calls. Emails
and text messages are another way that instructors personalize the educational dialogue. Instructors often send
supporting documentation to learners in PDF format. Learners can maintain these artifacts in an archive or
portfolio along with all of their notes or written work. The idea is for learners to keep track of their progress and
to be able to refer back to these resources later on.

For government employees preparing for language tests, sample tests are provided for practice with rigorous
feedback on the results. Errors are treated with respect. Instructors voice important background about a
grammatical issue in question and strategies to improve are always shared. Reading comprehension and helping
learners improve their understanding of difficult texts is another area for language focus.
Attention on notetaking, teaching the proper way to overview dialogues and constructing the best responses to significant
questions for speaking tests remain hallmark – part and parcel of training.

Critical thinking is a cornerstone for all training of government employees or international students. This is
because critical thinking is often an underestimated skillset or is an area that does not receive enough attention.
When gaining proficiency in a second-language being able to create in-depth opinions voiced with proper
structure, such as transition is required to enhance levels or survive in academic settings. Further, reading to
discover content for debate or to substantiate arguments in addition to comprehension for identifying correct
responses is also integral use, while being able to write paragraphs, essays or emails that are analytical and
insightful in nature are vital if the learner calls themselves capable in a second language.
Hence, these skillsets are unified in a single critical toolkit that is a fundamental aspect of training at ABCE.
Learners practice with this critical toolkit while progressing through program content and objectives designed for
their respective abilities. Learners can then strategize for success on their diverse aspirations.

To learn more about this toolkit and to receive a sample of related handouts send a brief note to:

In addition, you can find a listing of these on our Website.