ABCE operates during pandemic times

There is a word in Japanese, nagaame that translates as long spell of rain. I discovered this word in a book by
Pico Iyer, Autumn Light. The emotion behind the word means that as a long rain continues, someone might
endure the storm by simply looking out of the window – for hours. During COVID-19, this image is appropriate.
We empathize with the severity and with those caught in its torrential downpour. In the meantime, we wait for
the deluge to slow and hopefully to pass.

As a language school, we have shifted operations to a telework or work-from-home model. Language lessons
occur virtually, on-line, living rooms and dining-rooms replace the familiar classrooms but this shift from office to
residence does offer benefit – and certain shelter.

The educational process is familiar and instructors can truly be present for learners who look forward to their
lessons. Instructors are equally motivated and glad to impart their knowledge. This new educational process
endows days spent indoors with new meaning.

Two of our English instructors, Balou and Nathan, plus several more professeurs are foundational presences in
our online learning programs for English and French. Gratitude to all of them.

Online learning at ABCE is a necessary transition, especially today when we must protect the health of citizens
during pandemic times.

Our plan is to persist in our building of online initiatives so that learners can remain motivated for their language
journeys. Another tremendous loss of COVID-19 is the disruption to learning. Impelled to maintain these
programs is a victory against COVID-19 because we ensure that learning is not disrupted but continues as
normal. Our lessons anchor our learners during this uncertainty.

ABCE is dedicated to being a pioneer in language learning. Since the origin of ABCE in 1995, when government
employees needed a place and people to cultivate their language development, we responded by offering
essential services to learners that helped many succeed on achieving their target levels.

Once again, during today’s crisis, we stand as a school still responding to the requests of adult learners who
require our ingenuity to reach achievements.

At ABCE, pandemic or none, we offer insightful lessons delivered by instructors who are concerned about and
remain responsible to learners. The design of our online or in-person programs serve the needs of those who
need us. We are mindful of our teaching staff and our learners.

Hence, our prosperity at ABCE is due to three key factors that should inspire you to register:

Enrollment for language education never ceases, marked by our transition from traditional to online learning

We adapt our language education services to the world in which we live.

The quality of content in our programs and the penchant of instructors to deliver this content represent our
legacy and our promise to you, the learner, now in 2020 and in the future, to be a dependable supporter for your
language education.



Even when restrictions from COVID-19 lift, we would maintain online learning as a choice for learners, here and
abroad. These virtual programs could even supplement in-person attendance or learners could decide on
combined programs. When we return to providing in-person lessons, on or off-site, we would strictly adhere to
and follow procedures that uphold the safety and health of our learners, for instance, redesigning classrooms for
social distancing.

Again, whatever struggles we face here in Canada and even in Ottawa-Gatineau, the staff and management of
ABCE will always be empathetic. You will discover that learners at ABCE are not simply names registered but
individuals that we care about, individuals whose welfare is the sustaining force of ABCE.


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